I love Firsts! Yesterday, I had a BIG one. 

I marched in my very first protest. I walked for 2 ½ miles in the Sarasota Solidarity Walk in sunny Florida with 6,000 other people.


As the crowd gathered before the march began, a massive feeling of camaraderie filled the air. The streets were charged with electricity as the protesters enthusiastically invited the passing cars to honk in support.

They happily obliged sending the crowds into ecstatic shouts of cheering.

People of all ages came. Little girls like this one, who kept proudly pumping her fist into the air yelling “Girl Power!”


Young women joined at the hip showed their strength in numbers.

Middle aged Pussycats roared their message.

And the Nasty Women dominated. 

Not to mention the men who loved them.

The Grandmothers were there; some sporting oxygen tanks being pushed in wheelchairs...

...while others marching strongly on their own.

And last but not least, the hippies showed up because no respecting protest would be complete without a few of those fun-loving baby boomers.

Marching in a sea of people who stood together to promote women’s rights was an empowering experience that I will never forget.

And what was even cooler was that I shared this incredible day with my best friend.

I walked with my sister.

But more importantly, I walked for my daughters.

To Ally and Zoe: Girl Power!


P.S. Did you march? I would love to hear all about it!! Contact me here.