Hi Judy,
I wanted to share some special photos from this last weekend when I ran the Chicago marathon. Not only did I run 20 minutes faster than my first marathon, but my mental game this time was totally different! Anytime I got scared during the race that I couldn't keep up my pace, I just looked at my hand and told myself "that's just fear talking." It made the difference between a great race and a disappointing one. I truly believe that had I not been working with you for the past five months, I would not have had this type of experience.

Thank you for all you did and continue to do for me...I truly could not have done this without you! 

On to the next challenge! (job searching...)



I LOVE my clients!
They run marathons.
They leave soul-sucking jobs.
They leave bad relationships.
They figure out who they are and start living more satisfying lives.
They learn how to deal with their fear.
They deal with whatever challenge they are facing!

They are AWESOME!

Jess is no exception. During one of our coaching sessions, I taught Jess about the part of her brain that tells her untrue stories about what is happening in her life. I told her that this little group of cells in her brain is about the size of a peanut.

But I warned her, even though Peanut is quite small, she (he) does have a really BIG MOUTH!
And, she is a big fat liar.
She will tell you horrific stories that fill you with self-doubt, cause you to feel fear, and make you feel bad about yourself.

In coaching, you learn how to disconnect with this voice in your brain.
You learn how to challenge what Peanut says by finding evidence to prove that she is wrong.
You learn how to tell her that she is not in control of your life, she is not the driver of your bus.
You learn how to tell her to go sit in the back seat.

When you hear her voice, you learn to say, “That’s just fear talking.”

It does take practice to learn how to recognize and quiet down this voice, but when you do, you will start to live your full potential.
You will start making decisions based on what is right and best for you. You will stop letting fear get in your way.
And like Jess, you will crush the fear peanut and run your version of a great race.