Irony: The use of a word to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning

Example of Irony
I am developing an online digital program called VOICES to help people pleasers learn how to use their voice to speak up for themselves and set boundaries so that they will feel more confident and will stop secretly feeling resentful towards others. 

The Irony: In the midst of creating my new program called VOICES, I literally lost my voice. 

I have had laryngitis for 9 days. It started with a minor sore throat 16 days ago.

I have some unexplained, weird combination of a respiratory condition and acid reflux. If I get a sore throat or a simple cold, they team up together and wipe out my voice. It also causes me to cough non-stop. I am pretty much forced to become a hermit.

Yeah, it kinda sucks.

One way I deal with this is to write. 
Most mornings, I do a type of journaling called Morning Pages. It is when you write every single thought that pops into your mind. I love doing this because it helps me become clear on what I am thinking, it helps me solve problems, and it gives me a private place to bitch about things. 
It is so therapeutic!

Today, I started off my writing with this simple sentence: I have to accept that this is my reality. A sore throat or a cold equals weeks of not having a voice.

Being a woman of action, I have spent the last 2 weeks trying all of the well-intentioned advice I have gotten from medical doctors, alternative healers, friends and even strangers. 
I have tried steroids, anti-biotics, inhalers, anti-reflux medicine, chiropractic adjustments, yoga, walks in nature, ginger tea, steam showers, Epsom salt baths and even whisky. 
(I hate whiskey! Why couldn’t the cure be vodka! I could totally get on board with vodka.)

One stranger told me that all I needed was a good speech therapist. 

And the funniest thing that happened since I lost my voice? The check-out girl at the grocery store started talking really loudly when she realized I couldn’t talk. You know, like people do when they find out someone is deaf.
Oh brother!

Anyway, yesterday I decided to try a new approach.
I decided to do absolutely nothing. 
I didn’t try to get any work done. 
I didn’t try and get fresh air.
I didn’t try light exercising. 
I didn’t try any new alternative remedies. 

I intentionally decided not to do one single thing except ask my body, “What do you need?”
It’s answer: I need a heating pad. 
Done. CVS, here I come!

And so I spent the entire day doing nothing but binge watching Game of Thrones and asking my body where it wanted the heating pad. And It kept answering: my neck, my shoulders, my back, my throat, my stomach.
All day long.
Just Game of Thrones and moving the heating pad around my body.

And guess what?
When I woke up today, my voice began to return.
It’s low. It’s very hoarse. It’s definitely weak. But it’s there.

And because I am always looking for some profound lesson to be learned, I just had to ask myself when I was writing this morning, “What have I learned from all of this?” Here was my answer:

1. My mentor Brooke Castillo is right, you will feel negative emotions 50% of the time. I will post her words in the comments section below. I strongly advise you to read this!

2. I must accept reality. I will lose my voice for 9 or 10 days when I get a sore throat or cold. I need to cancel all appointments for 2 weeks when that happens. The world is not ending. I am not dying. I just need to readjust.

3. I always have to check in with myself and say, “What do I need?” And then I have to be okay with whatever the answer is. Some days the answer was, "You need good nutrition." But one particular day the answer was “You need ice cream for breakfast.”
It’s all okay.

4. I always have to ask myself, “What feels like Love?” Some days the answer was sitting outside in the sunshine. Other days, it was sitting inside away from the pollen and anything else that might be in the air.

I just keep learning this lesson over and over again. 
The two most important questions to ask yourself in any situation are:
What do I need right now?
What feels like Love?
And then do that.

We are all so much wiser that we realize.