Who is your Boss?

Who dictates what you do with your life?

Is it your work boss? Your spouse? Your children? Your friends? Society? Your Inner Critic that tells you what you “should” or “should not” be doing?

If you are letting someone else call the shots, then you are giving away your personal power.

It’s time to take it back. Now!

Just because you have a boss or a spouse or other people in your life does not mean that you don’t get to be the author of your own story.  

You decide what is best for you.
You decide what you need out of life. And what you want.
You decide how you get to live your one precious life.

No matter what anyone else thinks.

You are not responsible for anyone else’s thoughts or feelings.
You ARE only responsible for your own.

When you decide what is best for you, do it!  Unapologetically. It’s your life!

Maybe you know you need to be in a group class to exercise, even though it’s more expensive than doing a DVD at home.

Maybe you’ve discovered that it feeds your soul to be near the water.

Maybe you need 9 hours of sleep when everyone else in your family only needs 7.

You are the true boss of your life! So join the gym or yoga studio. Move near the water. Take a dance class. Go to bed while everyone else in your house is still awake. Figure out what you need and be responsible for it!
Make the decision to live your life the way you want to!

Be your own Boss!