I’m so stupid.
I can’t believe I did that.
What is wrong with me?

How many times a day do you say words like these?

The best way to stop your Inner Critic from attacking you is to become aware of what you are thinking.

Negative thoughts make you feel bad.
Thoughts create feelings.
To feel better, you have to change what you think.

Begin by becoming acutely aware of what thoughts are running through your mind.
When you notice you are having a self-critical thought, ask yourself, “Why am I thinking that?”
Listen for the answer.
Are you really exhausted right now?
Are you feeling stressed?

Instead of attacking yourself, say
“What do I need to do to feel better right now?”

Then, REPLACE your self-critical thought with a more compassionate thought. Something like, “I am doing the best that I can.”

Notice how this replacement thought changes how you feel.

Criticizing yourself is a habit, and like any habit, it can be broken.

Make the decision that you want to feel better and then take the simple step of replacing your self-critical thought with a compassionate one.