Last week, I encouraged you to start saying Yes to yourself.

And YES! So many of you did! YAY!

You said Yes to more time for what you want to do.

You said Yes to what makes you happy.

You said Yes to taking care of your own needs and wants first.

You said Yes to spending time with the people that you really want to spend time with.

You said Yes to being your genuine, authentic self.

But guess what?

Something else amazing happens when you start to say Yes to yourself:

You start following your own dreams.

You start making what you want a priority.

You start taking care of your mental and physical health.

You start feeling less stressed.

You start feeling happier.

You start feeling more confident.

And just in case you are worried that you are being “selfish” when these fabulous things start happening in your life, let me clear that up for you.

Listen carefully: You. Are. Not. Selfish.

No one benefits when you are depleted.

But everyone in your life benefits when you are emotionally, physically and spiritually nurtured!

Think about it.

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