People Pleasers love to use this simple, three letter word.
Yes, I can...
Yes, of course I will…
Yes, I would be happy to...

People Pleasers habitually use the Y word to everyone.

Well, everyone except themselves.

When People Pleasers say Yes to everyone else, often it means they are saying No to themselves.

Here is the reality...
You only have so much time in a day.
Your only have so much energy.

When you give it all away, there is none left for you.

Instead of automatically saying Yes to how other people want you to spend your time and energy, decide to say Yes to you.

Yes to protecting your time.
Yes to protecting your energy.
Yes to doing nothing.
Yes to experiences that bring you pleasure.
Yes to taking care of your physical and emotional needs first.
Yes to following your own dreams.

Say it.
Even if you are scared.
Even if you are uncomfortable.
Even if it upsets someone else.
Even if it means saying No to others.

Just say Yes.
To you.

Comment below and tell me how you are saying Yes to yourself this week!