What automatically comes to mind when you read that word?

Now, pause and ask yourself:

What does the word “Success” mean to you?

Notice I said to YOU.

That’s because often the first thoughts that come to mind about success are what others regard as successful.

We let others define success for us.

But when it comes to success, other people don’t matter.
Only YOU matter.
YOU are the one that has to live your life.
YOU are the only one that really knows what feels good and right to you.

So forget other people’s ideas. Let go of what success looks like to your parents. Let go of what your friends and colleagues consider to be successful. Release society’s definition of success.

Now ask yourself:   

What does success look like to ME?
In my work life?
In my family life?
In my intimate relationships?
In my social life?
In my emotional life?
In my physical life?
In my spiritual life?

When I do the things that meet my personal definition of success, how does that feel?

What is one small but significant step you can take right now to feel more successful?

I’d love for you to hit reply and tell me what your next step towards success on your terms looks like!