What do you really want to do with your life?

This is the question I asked you last week.

Did you start to hear your true self answer as you listened this week?

Maybe you have a list of all the things your heart really longs for.

But now you are not sure how to incorporate the life you crave into your already busy life.

So let’s look at how you can overcome some of the possible obstacles to create the life you really want.

Obstacle #1:
I can’t do what I want because I have to pay the bills.

Okay, but do you like your job? If not, how can you make it better?
What else could you do to make money that you would enjoy more?
What are you doing in the evenings and on the weekends that could bring more pleasure into your life?

Obstacle #2:
I can’t do what I want because I have to take care of someone else. (children or aging parents)

That doesn’t mean that you can’t also take care of yourself.
That doesn’t mean you can’t also spend some time doing what you love to do.

Do you really “have to” do every single thing that you think you have to do in order to take care of them? 
Think outside of the box. Get creative.
Can you get some help?
Can you trade services with someone?
How can you make what you have to do more pleasant?

Obstacle #3:
I can’t do what I want because of how others around me will respond.

If your only reason for not doing something that you know you want to do is because you fear that someone will judge you, then it’s time to embrace discomfort. Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

Doing things we love regardless of what others think is part of how we find our true selves and access the part of us that feels authentic.

You will be uncomfortable. For a few minutes. So what? Do it anyway.

Because in the end, that’s what we all really be our genuine, authentic true selves!