Happy Fall!! Hope you had a good Labor Day Weekend.

But before we jump right into falling leaves, pumpkins and Thanksgiving Day turkey, let’s take a moment to look back at summer.

How was yours?

As I looked over my calendar to answer that question for myself, I was surprised, and delighted, to see how many wonderful things happened during the warm summer months. Here are some of my highlights:

My oldest son Seth graduated from medical school and my husband Chuck, also a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, had the honor of hooding him during the ceremony.


I was in awe that this moment was actually happening!


Me, Seth, Rachel (my pregnant daughter-in-law), Chuck, Chuck’s 89 year-old Mom Tommi, and my daughters Ally and Zoe.


Throwback photo: Here is Seth 28 years earlier at Chuck’s medical school graduation.  (Wow, look at that perm!)


I went to Florida, where Seth is completing his three-year Pediatric Residency, to help him move into his new apartment.


My “other son” Matt also moved to Florida, and we had a lovely Bon Voyage dinner party for him with our dear friends and old neighbors The Reuthers. 


July 4th was celebrated in New York with Chuck’s entire family.


We spent several weekends entertaining guests at our condo in the Berkshire Mountains.


Playing cards at Tanglewood while waiting for the Boston Symphony to begin.


I enjoyed my very first Paint Night with my friend Patty while raising money for Ovarian Cancer.


I also participated in my very first Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt in Provincetown on Cape Cod. I was on team Zig, and Chuck was on Team Zag (which you can’t see but is written on my pink scarf). My team won!


But the very best part of my summer was an amazing trip to London with my daughter Zoe and her boyfriend Griffin.


That’s the Millenium Bridge behind us. (The one in the Harry Potter movie.)


And that’s the Tower Bridge behind Zoe.



But of course, it wasn’t all sunshine and fun.

It was (and still is) really hard that Seth, Rachel and my grandchild on-the-way moved a thousand miles away.

My 84 year-old mom got pneumonia.

My 87 year-old father got sepsis...twice. In fact, I am literally writing this blog from his bedside at a hospital in Pittsburgh. (Don't worry, they are both okay!)

And a dear friend underwent breast cancer surgery.

So this summer while I experienced joy, pride, and excitement, I also experienced sadness, worry and heartache.

But this is what I have learned from one of my coaching mentors Brooke Castillo.

We are not supposed to be happy 100% of the time.
It is normal to feel negative emotion half of the time.
This is all part of the human experience.
Fifty percent of the time you will have negative emotion.

Embracing this idea helps me from resisting, avoiding, and reacting to all of those unwanted emotions.
Human beings are meant to experience contrast.
Unhappiness makes happiness better.
Excitement doesn't really have much meaning without boredom.
So when those emotions come, practice learning to accept them.
They will come and they will go.

Good times. And bad times.
Aren’t we lucky to be alive!

How was your summer? What feelings did you experience?
I’d love to hear about it, or better yet, see pictures!