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My Story


My Story


a coach at heart 

There are two things that have been a driving force in my life for as long as I can remember.

  1. I have always been a really good listener.
  2. I have always encouraged people to listen to their hearts and to follow their deepest passions.

So basically, I have always been a Life Coach, I just didn’t know that it had a name.

losing my favorite job

My journey towards becoming a Life Coach started back in 2011. At that time, being a Mom was my mostly full-time job and it had been for the past 23 years. So when my youngest daughter starting looking at colleges, and I was 18 months away from becoming an empty nester, the panic of losing my most important job starting sinking in.

What was I going to do now that my children no longer needed me on a daily basis?

How was I going to find a job that would have meaning to me?

What did I really want to do next?

What kind of work could I do that would feel meaningful and satisfying?

Who was I now?

begin again

The truth was, even though I loved being a mostly full-time Mom, I yearned to be doing some kind of work outside of my home that I felt passionate about. I craved to do something else, other than being a Mom, that would have deep meaning to me.  

I knew I wasn't living my full potential. I knew I could do more.

In order to cope with becoming an empty nester, I knew the time had come for me to figure out what other purpose I had in my life. My children were going out into the world beginning brand new adventures and I wanted to do that too.

I needed to feel excited. I needed to begin again.

I kept consulting that tiny quiet whisper of a voice that lives deep inside of me, and slowly but surely, over time, the answers came. I love helping people. My biggest strengths are being a deep listener and encouraging people to follow their hearts. This is the core of who I am and who I always had been. I needed to be a Life Coach.

happily ever after

Well it didn't happen fast, and it certainly wasn't easy,  but nothing worth it ever is. 

I went from an "OMG, what am I going to do now?" almost empty-nester, to a thriving, certified Life Coach with a practice that continues to grow everyday. It all started with recognizing the fact that I wasn't living my full potential and that I needed to find something that felt purposeful and meaningful.

Coaching lights me up. It fills me with passion and brings me joy. I feel confident, motivated, and alive each and every day that I can help people feel better. I am inspired.

Living your potential has become my motto for every stage of life. 

More About Me

The stuff that's not on my resume.

More About Me

The stuff that's not on my resume.

Being a mom will always be my number one priority.

BARE Website - FUN.jpg

I Love To Have Fun.

I Love To Have Fun.

...especially with my family.


I believe in eating dessert first.

I believe in eating dessert first.

I am a

  • Friend

  • Chocolate Addict

  • Practicing Yogini

  • Trail Hiker

  • Tree Hugger

  • Nature Lover

I am also a Rule-Breaker and Adventure Enthusiast. The most adventurous thing I ever did was jump out of an airplane at 8,000 feet! (Sorry Dad)

And if you're curious...

And if you're curious...


Astrological Sign: Leo


Enneagram Personality type:

2 with a 3 wing


Myers-Briggs Type: ENFP

Above all, the most important thing to know about me is:


I am passionate about helping people find what's in their hearts and pursue their passion.




"Judy is my guardian angel. As a person with a busy brain, Judy was able to help me, help myself navigate a particularly trying period in my life. She is supportive, deeply compassionate, and very insightful. She has taught me skills that not only helped me overcome challenges at the time but I also now have tools to deal with future issues should they arise. I feel so blessed and lucky to have found her."


"I started working with Judy because I felt like I needed someone to hold me accountable and I wanted to begin the job process and wasn’t quite sure where to start. Almost immediately, I realized that Judy is incredible at what she does: she creates a warm, inviting, and safe environment and makes you feel completely comfortable. She has a great sense of humor, she’s intelligent, and genuinely cares for her clients. She’s someone I would absolutely recommend. I look forward to our weekly sessions—she has helped me accomplish so much already, and I can’t wait to continue learning and growing with her."


“Judy is a magnet to anyone looking for an audience who will listen compassionately and with full attention. She will listen in a way that not only allows you to feel heard, but clearly understood. Then watch her magically help you transition from feeling stuck to being aware and open to new possibilities. My experience with Judy has been that these possibilities were not only manageable, but transformational. So often I have approached her defeated, and left restored. Once again, I reenter my world with confidence, passion, and enthusiasm.”


“If I were to describe Judy in two words I’d say: deep listener. I can share my most intimate thoughts and feelings with her and always feel heard. Judy has been there for me on many occasions and I have walked away not only wiser for the experience, but also knowing that there is always someone there who will accept and appreciate me for who I am.”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Judy to help me stay on purpose. She has a keen insight without judgement and always knows the exact thing to say. I have used life coaches before but Judy’s innate awareness is far superior than anyone before. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to navigate through the journey of life.”


"When I first was given Judy's name for coaching I was skeptical that a phone conversation could be as effective as a face to face encounter - was I ever wrong! Judy is warm and empathic and has guided me in a subtle, respectful manner leading to so many "aha" moments that have continued to resonate for me long after our calls. Because of Judy I have learned that my thoughts actually do impact my behaviors and that the first step in changing my behavior is to be aware of what I am thinking; something that takes a lot more practice than I originally thought! For a long time, in the hustle and bustle of raising a family I didn't give much thought to what my essential self was all about - thanks to Judy I have learned to quiet my mind and uncover that inner voice - and I feel that more and more options in my life are opening up because of this awareness. I've gotten help from Judy in so many areas of my life - she has always been both sensitive and professional, and is simply, the best!"


"I find myself, seemingly all of a sudden, in a much different place in my life. My children are grown and off on their own and I am at a crossroads. What do I do now? I am still working full time but my other 'mom job' has taken on a different job description. Now there is time for me! A new found freedom that I am having a hard time figuring out. Talk about feeling stuck. That is where Judy comes in! I have been working with her for about a year now and she is absolutely fabulous. She has helped by teaching me different ways of thinking and looking at situations; breaking habits that no longer serve my better interests or happiness. I was ready to be challenged so that I could better myself. Change comes with clarity, compassion, guidance, wisdom, and time. Judy guides with all those qualities. I am extremely thankful that I have Judy's talent to guide me on this journey."


“Judy Myers was born to be a life coach. It's as if she has trained her entire life for this role. She approaches her work with deep passion and real life experiences. To work with Judy is to give yourself a gift. The gift of discovering your own passions, values, and strengths; of deepening your self awareness and learning to listen to what your body and heart are telling you, even when you are unable to hear the words yourself.”


"For years I have had a recurring dream that always left me feeling anxious and confused. I would think "Why am I always sabotaging myself in my dream?" I casually mentioned this dream during a coaching session and found out that Judy knows how to do dream analysis as well! One session focusing on this dream gave me an entirely new outlook - and, in fact, I have never dreamt it since...One of the great things about Judy is that the truths she helps me uncover have given me a kind of "blueprint" for the future."


"Judy cares deeply about people and has a high respect for her clients, a sincere interest in them and a desire to help. She is perceptive, intuitive, curious and inquiring and has superb communication skills. You will find what you need both personally and professionally with Judy.”


"As a life coach, Judy uses her innate talents of observation and curiosity to support you in recognizing your fullest potential. Her warm hearted and compassionate approach enables you to explore your own journey joyfully and freely as you go through the process of uncovering your own truths and becoming your best self. Your life will be forever be richer for having worked with her.“